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Ermetika Pocket Sliding Door Systems

Introducing a brand-new range of internal pocket sliding doors from Ermetika; Evokit modern sliding door systems provide an unobtrusive solution for contemporary minimal interiors where simplicity is preferred.

When space is limited, these pocket-sliding door systems are the perfect way to save space when doors are required in confined areas - or as a room divider.

Evokit sliding doors utilise a pocket system that allows a door to slide into and out of a wall cavity. This cavity is easily created by having two individual timber partitions built with a space between them to accommodate the specialist track system. When fitted, the result is a virtually hidden door when fully opened. The track is concealed within the system framework, hiding unnecessary details from view and producing a satisfyingly simple aesthetic.

An easily installed rigid cassette frame makes for a simple construction process, allowing for quick and simple assembly.

Evokit is a sophisticated alternative to conventional pocket sliding door systems. The Evokit system does away with architraves, jambs and other superfluous details, presenting your door in all its glory without any distractions.

For interiors with larger openings, the Evokit Double door is also available.

Soft close units are available for the sliding door system, providing a great finish that helps to avoid unwanted slams. Completely invisible from the outside, this mechanism is hidden from view by the pocket assembly.

Simultaneous openers for double-door arrangements, and inconspicuous flush pull handles are also available, as are a selection of other accessories.

An extensive range of door styles are available for this pocket door system, with many of our most popular door styles available from the outset. Be sure to follow our regular blog posts to be kept up to date with all developments as and when they happen.