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Ermetika Pocket Doors

Ermetika pocket doors, come to the preferred UK wide web supplier of Ermetika pocket door systems.

Our Evokit pocket doors are available in single or double door formats, with Staffetta telescopic and Unico unilateral sliding door arrangements also available. A little more DIY work may be required with these setups but the results are stunning. The versatility of our pocket door systems make them an ideal space-saving solution for confined areas or situations where additional doors might be required as room dividers.

For those who enjoy minimal aesthetics within their home we also have the Absolute Evokit line of pocket doors. Available in single and double door formats, Absolute Evokit pocket doors have no need for architraves (facings) or ingoes (returns) and are constructed to allow plaster work to finish neatly within the framework of the concealed door cassette. Absolute Evokit is a sophisticated system that sets you free from unnecessary detail.

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