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Enhance Your Home: Weekamp Internal Doors

Renovating your home is an exciting adventure and at we try to accommodate every interior style. With Weekamp’s new Internal Door range, this has never been easier.

Weekamp is renowned for their excellent quality & varied collection of doors. Beautifully crafted with moisture resistant MDF, Weekamp doors are designed to stand the test of time with their unique and stable ‘S-Core’ which is built to retain its shape over the years.

Weekamp’s traditional door range is made up of timeless staples; Victorian, Cottage, Shaker and Period styles use deep grooves and crafted panels to make a bold impression. This range uses a variety of edges to reinvent classic designs. Square, Bevelled and Ogee profiles are combined with a choice of 4 prefinished colour choices (black, white, medium grey & light grey) to bring these original patterns up to a modern standard.

Square Edge Profile

Square edged door profiles mix old and new elements of design to create a beautiful smooth & clean aesthetic. This simple style incorporates small, straight grooves where the vertical rails join the horizontal top and bottom rails. Typically paired with a Shaker style door, this straightforward design is amongst the most popular for the modern home. 

Bevel Edge Profile

Beveled or chamfered edges are often used in the DIY world to soften sharp edges. As beveled edges are less than 90 degrees, they provide a discreet but effective feature to an otherwise minimalist design. Doors with beveled edges are therefore great to enhance either a contemporary or traditional home.

Ogee Edge Profile

Ogee door profiles are often found on more ornate styles of doors as their sweeping curved edges add dramatic decorative flare. Characteristic of Venetian gothic architecture, ogee profiles use complex serpentine double curves to make a statement. Inherently traditional in nature, the combination of two concave curves is an extremely elegant finish. Pair this with glazed panels and the finished product is a bespoke beauty.

Not your style? Not a problem! Taking inspiration from the minimalist loft look of warehouses, Weekamp’s industrial range combines a variety of bold lines and glazed panels which bring a contemporary aesthetic to your home.

Tried and tested for up to 10 years of continual use, Weekamp doors comply to the highest level of quality standards. Elite craftsmanship and dedication to quality means these beautifully crafted doors make a fantastic choice for the modern interior. FSC certified as standard, Weekamp internal doors are also sustainably and ethically produced.

No need to worry about sizes as Weekamp make each door to suit your needs, with both single and double door configurations available.

Browse Weekamp’s Internal Door range below and find some inspiration!

Weekamp Internal Doors - All Types Of Doors For All Types Of Homes!

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