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Elaborate Door Decorations


When it comes to making a great first impression for visitors, nothing does it better than having some elaborate decoration tactfully placed upon a building's front door. From gilded, wrought-iron curlicues, to elegant door knockers, there are more than a few ways to bring personality and style to a front entrance.

One of the most common types of door adornment is the door knocker, which has been featured upon British door entrances since as early as the 16th century (although was actually in use long before that, in Ancient Greece). Beginning  life here as simple  designs in black painted cast iron, the increasing skill of blacksmiths would see more wealthy customers requesting elegant and intricately detailed styles, often based upon local traditions and patterns.

During the 1800's door knockers had become very popular and widely used. It soon became fashionable to have more elaborately styled designs featured upon a home's entrance. In many cases they were used as a means to show wealth, being cast in highly polished brass, or bronze.


Other cultures around the world have also featured the door knocker, referring to their own mythos and religions for style inspiration. For instance, Chinese door knocker designs often implement the dragon, a symbol of power and strength.

The lion head door knocker (such as the one pictured above-right) is a very popular design even today. It signifies strength, power, pride and protection. There are many variations of this design and it can be seen upon doors in many locations all around the UK. Have a look next time you're out and about, see if you can spot some of these where you stay.

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