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Edinburgh - Hogmanay - Some useful Scottish Sayings




I have done enough serious business related blogs about doors etc this year and thought that those of you who are kind enough to take the time to read them may like to read something a bit more light hearted but not until I have plugged the city I love.

I am as you are probably aware from Edinburgh, Scotland, what you may not know is that every year we have a huge New Years Eve party, we prefer to call it a Hogmanay party, the party is held in Princess Street Edinburgh with the famous Edinburgh Castle as a back drop.




The party is attended by 100k plus revellers (sometimes double that amount) and there is always live music, large screens and a huge fireworks display from the castle rock.

Visitors are virtually always made to feel welcome, Edinburgh is the same as any other city, it has its good parts and its bad parts and like anywhere else you should take care to know where you are going and what areas are safe and when they are not, it's a small and welcoming city originally made up from numerous villages such as Crammond, Granton, Newhaven, Leith, Portobello, Corstorphine, Liberton and Gilmerton to name a few.




To those of you that will be there or may visit Scotland in the future I have listed some useful old sayings below, have fun, don't worry too much about the pronounciation as all scots have a habit of correcting visitors so that they may enjoy the scottish vocabulary that little bit more, always treat people as you would want treated yourself, abide by the saying below "We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns" and you won't go far wrong.

Here we go then;

  • I'll gie ye a skelpit lug! - I'll give you a slap on the ear.
  • Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye! - What's meant to happen will happen.
  • Skinny Malinky Longlegs! - A tall thin person.
  • Lang may yer lum reek! - May you live long and stay well.
  • Speak o' the Devil! - Usually said when you have been talking about someone - they usually appear.
  • Black as the Earl of Hell's Waistcoat! - Pitch black.
  • Failing means yer playin! - When you fail at something at least you're trying.
  • Mony a mickle maks a muckle! - Saving a small amount soon builds up to a large amount.
  • Keep the heid! - Stay calm, don't get upset.
  • We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns! - We're all God's children, nobody is better than anybody else - we're all equal.
  • Dinnae teach yer Granny tae suck eggs! - Don't try to teach someone something they already know.
  • Dinnae marry fur money! - Don't marry for money - you can borrow it cheaper.
  • Is the cat deid? - Has the cat died? Means your trousers are a bit short - like a flag flying at half mast.
  • Haud yer wheesht! - Be quiet.
  • Noo jist haud on! - Now just hold it, slow down, take your time.
  • Hell slap it intae ye! - Means it's your own fault.
  • I'm fair puckled! - I'm short of breath.
  • Ah dinnae ken. - I don't know.
  • It's a dreich day! - Said in reference to the weather, when it's cold, damp and miserable.

    And two of my own; Are wi gon furst fittin the night ?- Are we going to be the first to visit someones house tonight?

    Money's made round to go round and also flat for stacking - Spend and enjoy spending but remember to save some also.

    Lastly, what do you think about trying to make the less well travelled aware that people from Scotland are Scots, Scottish or a Jock, they are definitely not Scotch, Scotch is a drink - Whisky.

    Wrap up well and enjoy!


    Chippy for