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Easiframe, Freefold and NuVu, opening to suit you

We have been adding more information for the Easiframe, Freefold and NuVu ranges after receiving customer feedback stating their uncertainty over the way the doors can open and how to locate the correct door option.

Firstly, the range has now been increased to several hundred options but split down in to manageable sections based on door styles.

                                                 Oak Shaker Full Pane Room Divider Doors

One of the most important points raised by customers was the fact that the images all showed doors opening "one way"  and with this in mind we have clarified that the doors can open towards or away from you, you set the hinges accordingly during installation to suit your own requirements.

We will continue to monitor all feedback and apply changes as they are required.


NuVu White Folidng Doors                 NuVu Oak Folding Doors    


Easi-Frame Room DIviders                 Freefold folding Doors