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Easi-Frame Oak Room Dividers

We have added new options to our range of Easi-frame oak room dividers.

                                     Shaker Pattern 10 One Pane Room Dividers

This range is now a total of 170 + styles and with new low prices there has never been a better time to buy.

                                     Worcester 3 Pane Room Dividers

Easi-Frame Oak door System..........A new style of oak door & frame set, lots of styles and sizes, in fact, any door size with a height of 1981mm can be used within permissable limits such as having available matching side screens, width of product & door or side screen sizes vary from image to image.

                                     Shaker 4 Pane Room Dividers

Easi-Frame Oak Room Dividers, just the best and versatile range on the market.