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Draught excluder jamming - DIY Tip 3

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Occassionally you will have noticed some noise being audible each time you open your exterior door, this may be coming from the weather bar of the type shown above or if you don't have a weather bar it could be the door is simply hitting the floor, this is normally more likely to happen when winter arrives with damp weather being the prime cause.

The quick way to remedy this is as follows and whether you use all or a combination of the items below very much depends on how bad the door is sticking;


  1. The door may have to be removed for this repair but firstly see items 6 and 7 below.
  2. Take a small wood plane and gently strip the underside of the door edge where it is hitting/rubbing the weather bar or floor more than is reasonable, see item 3 below.
  3. Sometimes it is better to take a little more of the leading edge of the door.
  4. The leading edge of the door is the edge that meets/goes over the weather bar first but it is not the door face.
  5. Please remember the door edge is meant to only slightly hit/rub the seal that projects up from the weather bar as this rubbing together means that the seal is doing what it is meant to do.
  6. Alternatively take a standard white candle and rub the edge of the door where it is heavily hitting/rubbing together too tightly.
  7. The third alternative is to rub some washing up liquid or some cooking oil on the rubber seal which is set within the weather bar, this or the other alternatives above will free up the door until drier weather arrives.
  8. Job Done!

Any questions, email and ask “Chippy”

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