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Doors of the World: Saint-Bonaventure

Here at we really do enjoy a grand door. Whilst taking a wander through the doors of the interweb we happened upon this fantastic entrance to the St. Bonaventure Church of Lyon. Grand and beautiful, this is something we just had to share.


A brief history lesson on the church itself: The church was was constructed between 1325 to 1327 and houses the mortal remains of Jacques de Grolée. The church has grown in size since its initial construction and was registered as a historic monument in 1927. It is located opposite the Chamber of Commerce Building ("Palais de la Bourse") which in itself is a beautiful piecce of architecture.

Now, back to the entrance itself. This really is something special: impressive arches, intricate details and beautiful architectural sculptures make for a truly impressive feature of the Gothic facade. As for the door itself, just take a look for yourself: solid, bold and detailed, this is a great example of how to make an entrance into a beautiful building.