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Doors, Weather Bars, Golf and Rainy Days - DIY tip 41




Got up this morning to hear the pitter patter of some really heavy rain, another glorious day in Edinburgh! 

Looking at the front door which faces the Firth of Forth River and the rear door which faces the extinct volcano in the centre of Edinburgh which is known as Arthurs Seat I could see the rain had managed to get under the door but got trapped in the weather bar channel, just as it was supposed to do.

I just wondered how many people would panic thinking this is wrong, it isn't. 

The weather bar has a drip at the front/bottom of the door, the actual "bar" is the piece that is fitted under the door and fixed to the floor, the rain can run over the drip, under the bottom edge of the door and should get trapped in the channel, when it gathers their the weather bar has "weep" holes to allow it to disperse out to the outside step.

All this info because I cant get out to play golf this Sunday morning, it's November so I can't expect too much. 

I thought you may be interested in seeing a couple of pictures of Edinburgh this very wet day but thought better of it, believe me it really is beautiful, just not today! 

I have included an image of the weather bar as shown below which links to the web site and should give you a better idea of my ramblings.