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There are many reasons for buying a new door for your home, here are just a few examples.

The most common reasons for buying a door is to either improve your home or renew a damaged or distressed door.

We (believe it or not) always try and drive customers to what is practical and not the most expensive option, the whole point of buying a door for your home is to get what you need at a price that matches or exceeds your expectations, there seems little point in fitting an oak door if you really only need a door for painting.

                     External Tri Glazed Doors Double Glazed Doors

                             Triple Glazed Doors                   Double Glazed Doors

The paragraph above is not the whole story however, we certainly would not reccommend a pine door for your main external door entrance (stick to Mahogany or Oak) when what is required is something that will stand up to the constant battering of our typical british weather, having said that if you don't like painting don't buy a wooden door which requires regular maintenance, be practical and buy a composite or pvc door.

                                               Internal Doors With Glass

                                                             Internal Doors

As far as interior doors are concerend we really do spoil you with what is the largest selection of doors in the UK, don't worry, we've broken down all the sections in to bite size chunks such as pine doors, oak doors, white doors, flush doors, panel doors or doors with glass and then  there are the double doors, folding doors, room dividers and goodness knows what else, at the end of the day we are at the end of a phone on 01968 671681, just ask!

Lastly, most doors are on a 48 -72 hours delivery schedule, just one more reason to buy them at


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