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Our ever increasing of door pairs continue to grow but some of the most original doors remain the most popular, the Portobello style or indeed the Lincoln and Worcester door styles continue to impress.


The rebated door pairs are generally supplied in a smaller range of sizes, nevertheless, these sizes are the most widely used in the UK and the Portobello door pair is the absolute favourite.


Standard door pair sizes are: 1981x914mm, 1981x1067mm, 1981x1168mm, 1981x1220mm, 1981x1372mm and 1981x1524mm - not all door pairs are available in all these sizes but there should be something to suit your requirements.

Door colours are also evolving from simple white through oak, walnut and grey to name just a few.


 Our range doesn't stop there, we can also supply an absolutely massive range of bespoke door pairs and this may be a cost effective alternative to altering doorways or compromising on what you really wanted.


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