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DOLLE Ladders: Ground-Breaking Danish Design & Innovation

DOLLE Ladders - Scandinavian design and craftsmanship combined with traditional materials.

We are proud to present the latest collection of highly innovative DOLLE ladders that truly combine Danish technology, design and craftsmanship.

DOLLE loft ladders are manufactured in Denmark under strict ISO certified systems; ensuring safety and the highest standards are maintained throughout your home.

At DirectDoors we are committed to bringing market leading brands in safety and innovation right to your doorstep. Your safety is our priority.


Why buy a loft ladder? 

Loft ladders are a key essential in your home - providing quick and easy access and offering a safe and stable solution to an intrinsically risky act. Setting up a ladder yourself requires a lot of testing each time as resting points or angles that you think are safe can turn out not to be at the worst possible moment and the ladder could slip on the ground causing severe injury.

Additionally; If you have utilities in the loft such as boilers or meters, installing a DOLLE loft ladder can save time when employees from gas and electric companies are accessing your utilities.

The increased convenience provided by DOLLE loft ladders mean you can truly make greater use of your loft space – opening up a new range of possibilities for storage solutions.


DOLLE uses innovative technology to ensure its position as a market leader.

Below we’ve listed our favourite features that will bring optimum levels of comfort to your home. 

Insulation - DOLLE ladders feature excellent heat insulation by using DOLLE’s patented clickFIX® technology. This means the trapdoor is built solely of highly insulting material and contains no wooden construction.   

Airtight - Gone are the days of feeling heat loss and draft via the trapdoor. DOLLE uses a unique sealing system that is classified as the highest airtight class; Class 4!

Simple clickFIX® installation – They can be easily installed by one person. DOLLE uses patented assembly technology that features click modules. 

FSC Certified – DOLLE ladders are truly sustainable without any compromise on quality, using extremely high quality timber sourced from FSC certified forests.


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