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DIY : How To Fit an Internal Door Frame.

So today at we're going to show you how to fit an internal door frame, for this we've used one of our own internal lining kits called a "Thruframe" which is available either for single doors in white primed or in oak veneer, for double doors in white primed or oak veneer and also for either single fire doors or double fire doors

Whichever you prefer to learn about we have both a video or a step by step list below on how to fit an interior door frame.

Firstly, measure the opening you have and confirm that the frame kit and door intend to use will fit.

Cut the frame lintel to the required width

Cut each leg to the required height.

Next, lay each frame leg and the lintel on the floor or on a bench.

Pre drill the lintel twice at each end from the top and countersink these holes to allow it to accept the screws that will secure it to the top of the legs.

Stand the frame in the new opening and using a spirit level make sure the lintel is level, now check each leg is level on both surfaces (edge and face).

Continue to check the frame is square and level as you proceed with fixing these screws to the top of your wall.

Next, check it is all secure, square and level. Now, it’s time for the door stops.

Cut the lintel door stop to size, pin it into position to suit the door thickness, now do the same with the door stop legs.Lastly, fill in any holes for the pins or screws.

For more DIY tips, check out the section in our blog here or e-mail us at but maybe use a smaller hammer than shown below!