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DirectDoors White Pairmaker

At we are always looking to improve the functionality of living. With this in mind, our new white primed pair maker is now available to purchase for both 35mm and 40mm double doors.

A door pair maker is a simple "T" shaped strip of timber/mdf that can be attached to the edge of any interior door to create a double door effect with any two standard doors. This clever solution is designed to work with any white primed standard door which allows you to create something truly unique to your aesthetic. Whether contemporary or country – create your own look in your home.

As we supply the pair maker white primed, it does require a finishing topcoat. This means should you opt to paint your doors a colour, the pair maker can be painted to match making it even more universal. With 2 sizes available; 35mm & 40mm, choose according to your desired door thickness.


So how does it work?

With the two doors hung in the frame (without the door pair maker being fitted) the gap between the two doors at the center must be a continuous 12mm as the pair maker is 12mm thick - contributing to your overall door width.

Decide on which door is to open first, this will be the door that is not fitted with the door pair maker. Next you want to temporarily fit the door pair maker to the non opening door edge and ensure that the doors close and open correctly.

There should be a 2mm gap between the opening door edge and the door pair maker. If the opening door is binding on the door pair maker when closing, remove the door pair maker and plane a small amount off from the door edge.

Glue and pin the door pair maker to the door edge ensuring the door pair maker is flush with the top and bottom of the door once you are happy with he positioning.

All internal frame dimensions are made up from the following: 2mm gap between door edge and frame + door width + 12mm gap between the doors + door width + 2mm gap between door edge and frame.

Certain door pairs can be fitted with or without a "pair maker" planted rebate. For site fixing, using the pair maker adds "12mm" to the overall door size listed and not using it means that your door pair will "butt" together where they meet. The doors can open away from you or towards you and with the left or the right hand as the slave door.

For more information on fitting instructions, please visit our Help & Advice page. 

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