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DirectDoors Interior Design Trends for 2019



I would have expected spring bloom with light colours, transparent fabrics and fine details, but this year new trends start with a completely different approach. Yes - colours are recommended but strong, bold deep and heavy; best on featured walls, doors or room dividers or on the sofa.

Think of dark, moss-like green, burgundy red and rich black. Last season grey has evolved into dark charcoal grey, almost black. A touch of strong yellow will also add a trendy zing to any interior.

Wallpapers are also being praised, this season look for eclectic styles, floral or geometric and definitely in the hi-end finish, with the essence of gold or copper touch. Copper itself is the metal of  2019 as artisan lamps,  tableware and the door furniture.

Another desirable element is velvet - and the velvet sofa is just a must. All of these above need to be hi-end, quality, heavy items, with a feeling of the times when cheaper plastic models didn't exist. The nineteen-century atmosphere in the contemporary interiors.


interior design trends 2019


Thinking of the materials & high-end finish it is obvious this season evolves from the dream of class and decadence. The dream of the Imperium without a problem but with full power - the people outside our borders - they are but the hands that build for us. Seeing these velvets, colonial fabrics, artisans bric-a-brac I cannot stop thinking it is almost a luxurious panic room we are designing, the private Shangrila. When people are afraid often they hide in the fantasy to feel secure and there is really nothing wrong with that; most often if it is just charging the battery to gain the strength to face the reality.

We should yet be careful as this is the second season that focuses mainly on the comfort and the high-class idea. If we forgot the people behind the borders of our utopia it not only might make their life even more unbearable but also may be that dreamt imperium is at its death, we must remind ourselves to stay awake, ironically the people who will take over may be the one who make our sofas.


Red velvet sofa interior design