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Design It Yourself: JELD-WEN MODA

Have you ever found a door that would be ideal for your home, but you really wished it had 3 panels instead of 2? And rather than have 3 different sized panels they were all equally spaced? Well, look no further - The new ‘MODA DESIGN YOUR DOOR’ featuring bespoke bar options is the perfect solution.

Based on a timeless traditional shaker style door with a modern twist, this revolutionary take on interior door design gives you the opportunity to customise to your taste using timber bars. Currently, MODA is available in eleven different configurations, ten of which are different design variations that include a number of horizontal bars.

It could not be easier – you are provided with 1 large, primed panel door made from sustainably sourced timber measuring 1981mm in height. From here, using the 8 bars provided with the door, you can choose how many panels you would like the door to have, and at what height the panels will sit.

You also have the choice of creating separate or matching designs on either side of the door. However, please be aware when designing your own style that you need to account for the bars required on both sides of the door if you would like them to match.

The possibilities do not stop there – not only does the MODA door come in 4 different standard widths (610mm, 686mm, 762mm & 838mm), each MODA door design is available with a clear glazed alternative. The clear glass MODA door option draws light into your home to create a bright and airy space throughout. Simply strip away the paint and peel film and clean any adhesive from the toughened safety glass with a damp cloth.

Additionally, we can provide a white primed pair maker should you wish to purchase 2 doors to make a pair; the possibilities are endless.

As this range comes primed, you also have the option to paint the door any colour you like to fit within your home’s aesthetic. Alternatively, simply apply a finishing coat for a more minimalist finish. MODA features a solid core for excellent noise control, meaning you can enjoy the peace and quiet.   

MODA’s elegant aesthetic and simple design will add a classic finish to any room. With this highly customisable range, you can recreate a traditional shaker vibe or re-vamp completely to create a more industrial contemporary feel.

So, whether you are a professional or a DIY novice, the MODA range is designed to work for you.

Please note: If the door is to be reduced in size at all, an equal amount of timber should be trimmed from either side or bottom, this must never exceed 10mm in total, 5mm each side and 6mm from the bottom. We do not recommend trimming the top of the door.


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