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Dark Kitchen – Newest 2019 Interior Design Trend

Reaction to the excess and opulence of XIX century, since at least 1920s kitchen interior design trends, were dominated by the seemingly unbeatable combination of white and pastel colour. And despite a short detour to wooden country style and the bright shiny surfaces in the 1990s and early 2000s traditional white kitchen returned in full force this past decade.


However, if the new brave interior design trends of 2019 are anything to go by this might about to change. With searches for black and navy-blue kitchen designs increasing by over 90% in the last 6 months it seems the white counter is about to be uncrowded for a long time.


But with dark kitchen counters and tables come dark kitchen doors and dividers that bring the aesthetic of the kitchen space together. Bellow see some of our new door designs that might help you greet 2019 with style.


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Single black clear glass doors will give your kitchen a modern contemporary feel.(see more here)


industrial style doors

With double clear glass doors, you will not have to worry that your kitchen will get too dark. (see more here)

And if you value safety over style, fire doors come in dark tones as well. (see more here)