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Dale High Performance Fully Finished External Bifold Doors

High Performance Fully Finished External Bifold Doors

Space saving, beautiful doors installed between rooms or onto the garden, our sliding folding doors offer a stylish way to change the feel of a room completely.

Allowing vast amounts of natural light into the room whilst offering splendid views onto the garden, the doors fold and slide elegantly to completely open the room. The doors can be configured to suit the layout of the room, the doors stack outside and have a potential span of 9 metres. 

Choose any size between the minimum and maximum heights and widths, we will contact you if there are any issues relating to this or anything else, we have a dedicated team to make this purchase of what is a premium product as simple as possible.

Dale bi-folding doors are installed on both top and bottom tracks for long lasting doors and mechanisms. It may also be possible to fit the lower track flush in the floor to create an unobstructed floor for a stylish  seamless effect in dividing or opening up internal spaces.

Our top performing double glazing ensures that the room maintains a comfortable temperature all year round, the weight of the glass is supported easily with engineered, or multi-layered, timber. Strong, durable and rigid, the bi-fold doors retain their precise fit with no twisting or warping.

These double glazed folding sliding doors are easy to fit and with a factory applied paint or stain protection, they require nothing more once installed. Job done.

Always ensure that there is adequate labour or the appropriate mechanical lifting gear available on site to safely offload and transport the product on site to avoid causing any damage.

PDF - Removal - Adjusting Dale Bifold Doors

                           Image of Dale High Performance 303 Style Brio Bifold 3 Door & Frame Set - Fully Decorated                                                                  Image of Dale High Performance 303 Style Brio Bifold 3 Door & Frame Set - Fully Decorated

Environmental impact of wooden windows and doors

Wooden windows and doors are a good choice for the environment, they are biodegradable and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

In recent studies researchers have found that when properly protected with paint or woodstain, timber windows last twice as long as PVCu. Reducing the number of windows that become landfill is good for the planet and they sport top-end, performance double glazing; ensuring that any loss of energy is further minimised - keeping heat inside the home where it is most beneficial.

Less waste

Multi-layered timber is produced by joining wood sections together to create one piece of timber which is strong and very durable. This use of wood sections means that just the knots can be cut out whilst the remainder of the wood is used. The knot free multi-layered timber that is left is a fantastically strong material, more of the wood is used and waste is reduced even further. 

Protective measures

The longevity of the door, or window, requires a thorough application of paint or woodstain to protect the wood from contact from any moisture. Our environmentally friendly water-based paints and stains contain no solvents and are spray applied before assembly. This delivers the most thorough protection for a low maintenance lifetime. 


Our timber windows are a great choice for people who want to help lessen their impact on the planet, we only use sustainable European Redwood timber as standard in all our windows and doors.

The use of European Redwood fulfills several requirements, it is easily grown and grows with few knots,  the wood itself is naturally water resistant and the tree grows beautifully straight - making it easy to process with little waste.  It provides a steady supply of wood for all uses - it has been used for construction purposes for many years.  

Dale Windows endorses FSC, the Forestry Stewardship Council,  a not-for-profit non-government organization created to  promote responsible management of the worlds forests.  They actively seek to make all wood fully traceable and change is happening. Their promotion explains why there is a need for full chain of custody - to safeguard the forests of our planet, with wood only sold from sustainable forests, rare species might be saved and deforestation slowed.

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