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Dale External Sliding Patio Doors

Large made to measure patio doors with thermally efficient glazing allow for big views out onto the garden. 

Patio doors slide behind each other for a wide aperture either for air flow or access. The large panes of glass are easily carried with our multi-layered, or engineered timber. The strong construction is more than capable of supporting the weight of large panes - up to 3 metres in length and with a maximum of 6 panels. This means a doorway of 18 metres is not a problem and many configurations are available - choose from two, three, four or six panels.

                              Image of Dale High Performance AL Style 1 Door Patio Sliding Frame Set - 1 Fixed Pane - Scheme AL Fully Decorated

                                                              Dale Patio Doors

With the natural beauty of wood, these patio doors also come with the addition of retaining their perfect fit for many years thanks to the engineered timber; a rigid material that is naturally resistant to warping or twisting. The smooth gliding on the track stays true and your patio doors offer many years of trouble free use. 

                             Image of Dale High Performance K Style 2 Door Patio Sliding Frame Set with Fixed Centre Pane - Scheme K Fully Decorated

                                     Wooden Patio Doors - Made to order Patio Doors

Security is provided perfectly from multi-point locking mechanisms, security glazing and anti- lift out devices make them a robust barrier against forced entry and paint or woodstain is factory applied in your choice of colour for top protection against the weather in shades to complement and coordinate with interior and exterior colours.

                             Image of Dale High Performance L Style 4 Door Patio Sliding Frame Set with Fixed Left & Right Panes - Scheme L Fully Decorated

                                                    Made to Measure Patio Doors

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