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Industrial & Loft Style Doors

As industrial aesthetic has come back in vogue and took over our living rooms and Pinterest design boards, so it is no surprise that with it Industrial Style Doors have also made a triumphant return to the hearts of consumers and interior design enthusiasts everywhere. 

Henceforth DirectDoors are happy to present the collection of stylish Loft Style Internal Doors.

Loft & Industrial style doors are great in their ability to bring a mid-century industrial style to a home without appearing old-fashioned or out-dated. Also, unlike their the old mid-century predecessors, the modern Industrial doors have an element of slickness and lightness to them that prevent from making the space around them feel heavy or imperious.

Although the name Loft Style Doors generally invoke the image of black frames and clear glass this Weekamp collection offers a great deal of variety fit for any home.

Our customers can choose between glassfrosted glass or panel doors.

In addition, the collection comes in the traditional black as well as more unusual, for the Industrial Style Doors, white and grey.

All of this makes our Industrial Style internal door collection a perfect choice for any home, be it an artist’s loft or suburban family home. So, check out our Loft & Industrial style collection and find the door for your home at affordable prices.

For further information on the doors you have seen within this article, please visit any of the products and links to learn more. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us via (or call us on 01968 671 681) and we will be happy to help.