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Contemporary Interior Doors


The overly used term "Contemporary Interior Doors" may conjure up images of doors from the 1970’s to the forefront of your thinking, it should be borne in mind that modern doors are more about personal taste and styling.

                            Image of Contemporary 4L White Primed Door - Sandblasted Safety Glass Including Clear Lines As Shown.

                               Contemporary 4L White with Sandblasted Glass

contemporary door should have a clean look with sharp moulding free edges at the panels, the panels should in turn be flat, the use of anything other than clear or a plain frosted should be avoided but as previously mentioned, it's personal taste that will dcitate the finish.

                            Image of Monza White Primed Flush Door

                                                          Monza White Door have lots of contemporary styles but we also have doors that customers consider traditional in their style, the measure should be.... "if you like it buy it" and do what suits you and your home.

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