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Construction Specifications for fire rated door sets

What Specifications are available for constructing fire rated doorsets?

                                            Image of JBK Limelight Fortune Flush Fire Door, White Primed, 1/2 Hour Fire Rated
This is a tricky one, there are no publicly available standards for manufacturing fire rated doorsets in anything other than a recognised and accredited location but as a guide a fire rated doorset should:


  • be manufactured in line with a specification or design shown by test to be capable of meeting that performance; or
  • Assessed from evidence in controlled tests against appropriate standards in order to be shown as meeting that performance.
  • Tests have to be carried out at a recognised and acredited location but (and this is the issue) seperately accredited fire door frames and fire doors can be put together as a fire door set, the issue is that you can only supply test ecrtificates to the project manager for each product and not the finished article.

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