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Setting the Mood with Colour

Here at we love colour; in particular, colour combinations that have a powerful influence over the feel and atmosphere of a room. Colour plays a major role in the application of design and while it may be one of the most important tools in a designer's arsenal, like many elements of design it is grounded by fundamental rules that anyone can learn and apply to their own home projects.

Part of the beauty of interior design lies in the freedom to apply and adapt existing styles to create something fresh, new and inspired. Colour schemes are all around us on a daily basis and there is no shortage of inspiration from which to base your ideas. Colour trends come and go on a regular basis and is by no means something to get hung up about (unless of course keeping up with current trends is your thing). What makes someone's home truly beautiful is the combination of colours and styles that reflect their personalities, interests and inclinations.


Pictured above: Andria Oak in Dark Oak Stain and Palermo Oak Glazed in Duck Egg Blue

Every colour has influence over emotion and can have a major effect on the mood of a room's inhabitants. Thinking of the mood you want to create within a room is generally the best first step to take, and is easily followed up by researching colours that are inclined to help you achieve the desired atmosphere. Magazines, books and websites are a great set of resources when it comes to seeking inspiration for this stage. While paint is often available in a seemingly endless range of colours it may be worth noting that furniture, carpets and fabrics have a slightly more limited colour range and should therefore be considered first when assembling a colour scheme.

It is often a good idea to consider a focal point within a room: establishing a feature early can provide you with a starting point from which to create and develop a successful colour scheme that will entice and captivate your guests. Doors are a fantastic natural focal point; with a vast range of colours and styles to choose from they are a very effective way to attract attention and add detail to a room's aesthetic. Contrasting a door's colour with your wall colours is the most effective way to create drama within a setting, adding to the intensity of the effect and providing a more compelling focal point.

interior-colour-combinations     interior-colour-combinations

Pictured above: Eco Colour Mocha Soft Walnut and Vancouver in Chocolate Grey

A brief overview of how different colours can create different moods within a home looks a little something like this:

  • Red is an intense colour that stimulates and encourages excitement within a room's inhabitants, and can be an ideal choice for living rooms and dining rooms. Since it is a colour that has a tendency to raise blood pressure and heart rate, it might not be such a good choice for bedrooms, where a calmer mood might be more appreciated.
  • Blue is a calming and relaxing colour, particularly when used as the main colour. In this regard it is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, though care should be taken to opt for a warmer shade of light blue, as dark blues can evoke feelings of sadness.
  • Yellow is an energizing colour that can spread a little happiness throughout your home, most effectively in rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. Care should be taken to avoid using it as a main colour in your scheme however, as it can create feelings of frustration and anger when used in large quantities.
  • Green is a refreshing colour; easy on the eye and calming, it is well suited for just about any room in your home. Most notably, it works especially well in a living room where it encourages relaxation, and with the right tone can provide enough warmth to boost comfort and togetherness.
  • Orange has a history of being an energetic colour that is believed to increase energy levels and release all of the emotions and endorphins associated with exercise. For this reason, orange is a perfect colour for a fitness room, but is maybe not ideal for living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Purple is a rich and dramatic colour that can add an air of sophistication to a room. Associated with creativity and luxury, lighter shades of purple (such as lilac and lavender) can bring the same restful and relaxation to bedrooms as blue does, without the chilly factor. Used in moderation as an accent colour, purple can add a layer of depth to a room's established colour scheme.
  • Neutral colour schemes rise and fall in popularity but are incredibly versatile and flexible. By simply adding a splash of colour as an accent, a neutral colour scheme can be livened up considerably; on the other hand, removing colour can calm a neutral scheme colour down considerably. Utilising the full spectrum of neutrals (black, grey and white) can add depth to a room, resulting in a much more impressive aesthetic.

interior-colour-combinations     interior-colour-combinations

Pictured above: Hampshire Light Grey and Messina Oak Glazed in Mushroom

As well as establishing a mood within a room, colours can also have great effect on a room's atmosphere. For instance: fresh and light colours will make a room seem larger and more expansive, while sophisticated and warmer dark colours will result in a much closer, more affectionate and intimate room. Having the ability to expand or contract a room's appearance with colour alone is a very powerful ability that can completely transform a home's interior and is something that should be considered in the early stages of interior design. 

As with many things, planning is critical when it comes to devising a colour scheme and atmosphere for your rooms. Thankfully there are a vast amount of resources out there to inspire and assist you with the colour selection process. Also, paint is relatively cheap, allowing for a degree of experimentation before settling on your ideal colour scheme.

interior-colour-combinations     interior-colour-combinations

Pictured above: Palermo Glazed in Black and Victorian Shaker in Anthracite Grey

Ultimately, colour choice is a very personal subject and it is you and your family who has to live with your decisions. Creating a home that suits everyone within your household is the primary objective that you should not lose sight of when undertaking a project like this. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy the process of creating a welcoming environment that you will love coming home to time and time again.

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