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Can I resize a fire doorset if it doesn't fit?

Can I resize a fire doorset if it doesn't fit?

Resizing a doorset is not something that should be done without first contacting the manufacturer. 

                              Image of Verde Nova Walnut 1L Door - Clear Glass,  Pre-Finished, 1/2 Hour Fire Rated

                                           Verde Nova Walnut veneered fire door

Most door designs rely on components being of a minimum size in order to perform in a fire.

Lippings, also known as door edges or foredges are particularly important on typical flush door leaves – removing 3 or 4 mm can in some instances halve the depth of a lipping which could have a detrimental effect on the fire performance.

The simple rule should be that if the door is sticking and needs a very small adjustment of 1mm or so then this should have no detrimental effect on the doors performance for fire resistance.


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