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Can I personally fit glass in my fire door?

Can I personally fit glass in my fire door? 

There are no laws or regulations to prevent you doing the work you require but there are many guidelines that must be followed.

Not all fire rated doorsets can accept glazing, it is therefore essential to check the test evidence/assessment data for that door.

If the door can accept glazing then it is of paramount importance that the exact guidelines are followed, for example, apertures may need to be internally framed/lined with timber.


The following is an excerpt from "A Guide to Best Practice in the Specification and Use of Fire-Resistant Glazed Systems" written by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF).

"The fundamental Golden Rule" is set out below.

Fire-resistant glass must only be used as part of a fire-resistant glazed system – which includes the glass, the glazing seal, beads, fixings and frame.

All the essential components of such a system must be compatible under fire conditions, and the performance must be referenced to appropriate and relevant test evidence.

Pilkington are uk and world leaders in the development and manufacture of a large selection of fire rated glass and systems.


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