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Can I make and sell a fire rated doorset?

Can I make and sell a fire rated doorset?

You can but there needs to be test evidence to justify the design, look at the following 3 options, they are....


1; Use a door (or door blank) and frame that each already have a certificate of compliance.

2; Send the type of door and frame (intended for sale) to a UKAS- accredited laboratory for type approval to (BS 476: Part 22: 1987 or BS EN 1634 -1 2000)

3; Have the doorset design assessed by qualified fire engineers using existing data of fire tests instead of a fire test.

                                                 Image of Interior Fire Door Frame, Type 1 for Single 1/2 Hour Fire Rated Doors, Made to Size with Fire & Smoke Seals and with or without threshold.

We would suggest using pre tested items which are more readily available and adapting them to suit your needs, eg; a fire tested frame and a fire tested door, it is a laborious process not to mention costly to try and get a “type” approval for each and every doorset that you may require.

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