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Building a Sustainable Future:'s Commitment to Energy Efficiency & The Environment

At, we understand the importance of being a sustainable, environmentally friendly business. That's why we are proud to announce our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more energy independent.

Our business has secured council backed funding to purchase a briquetter machine and wood burner, which will revolutionize the way we operate day to day and allow us to be more eco-conscious. This machine will enable us to compress wood waste into dense, high-energy briquettes. These briquettes can then be used as fuel for the wood burner, which is much more efficient and produces fewer emissions compared to traditional wood-burning stoves. By using these briquettes as fuel, we will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and decrease our carbon emissions, all while producing heat for our operations.

Along with supplying doors that use FSC certified timber which is purchased credibly & legally by companies with good forest management, another initiative we have implemented is the switch from our original bubble packaging to a bio-degradable version. This has helped reduce our plastic waste and minimize the harm caused to our planet. In addition to this, we are making efforts to reuse packaging wherever possible to extend the lifecycle of the materials and reduce the need for new packaging. We also place a strong emphasis on recycling, which is an important step in reducing our carbon footprint and contributing towards a more sustainable future. By implementing these changes, we are making a tangible difference in our sustainability efforts and hope to inspire others to do the same.

Our Door Outlet service is another great initative that promotes sustainability. Our Door Outlet resells damaged doors and ironmongery at discounted prices. Instead of disposing of these doors and accessories in landfills, we give them a second chance at a new home, thus reducing the amount of waste and supporting the circular economy. This also provides an affordable option for customers who may not have the budget for new doors, while also ensuring that we are not contributing to the already overcrowded landfills. By embracing this approach, we are able to align our business with our commitment to sustainability and minimize our environmental impact.

We recognize that as a business, it is our responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment. By reducing our general waste output for landfill and safely producing our own heat, as well as be mindful of our packaging products, we can continue to move towards a more environmentally friendly model. Our goal is to decrease our carbon footprint while also improving our energy efficiency, especially during these uncertain times where energy stability is critical. We are excited to see the positive impact this will undoubtedly have on our business and the environment. Not only will this move save us energy costs, but it will also increase our chances of future job safe-guarding and creation. We believe that sustainability is the way forward, and we are proud to be taking this important step towards a greener future.

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