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British Trees - BBC CountryFile - The Woodlands Trust- Children in Need


Having watched the BBC  programme "Countryfile" I thought I would pass on what I am sure is interesting information, I suppose my blog in general is to try and provide information on doors but also timber and its uses and raise awareness that trees don't just provide timber for construction such as Oak doors etc but also food.

This programme is usually shown in the UK on an early Sunday evening and the programme of the 14th of November 2010 had a piece about Ancient trees.  

I really enjoyed listening to the report from Matt Baker with regard to how old the trees were and how there was about to be a UK wide Ancient Tree Hunt being conducted by the "Woodlands Trust", the trust is trying to catalogue/record 100,000 Ancient Trees including Sweet Chestnut, Ewe and Oak, you can donate or shop at the Woodlands Trust.



In order for a tree to be classed as ancient the Sweet Chestnut has to be 250+ years old, the Ewe has to be 600+ years old and Oak 500+ years old, he also showed that the Sweet Chestnut provides some really tasty nuts which are completely edible and went on to show Anthony Worrall Thompson at his restaurant "The Greyhound" at Henley on Thames cooking these nuts is different ways.

The "Countryfile" programme also has a calender for sale, it costs £9 (as at 2010) and £4 goes directly to Children in Need, buy it at or donate directly with Pudsey the Bear.

I hope you have enjoyed this slightly offbeat blog and continue to enjoy my other DIY blogs.


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