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Best Selling Interior Doors

The choice of doors within our site is very large but very well laid out to make the choices for your home as simple as possible.

In order to keep improving the site we have created the "Best Selling Interior Doors" section, the doors within this are the ones which we have gathered information on and presented in a simple one category format, bear in mind that each door may have several "Related Products" that compliment these best selling doors, we have only previewed the most popular doors and although this is varied it could be deemed limited...............each door may have glass, panel or flush versions and then fire and pocket doors to name but just a few..... just click on the preferred door style in the category mentioned above or at the foot of the page and you will be offered several related or complimentary doors.


The best selling doors in the category vary from unfinished through white, oak, walnut and prefinished and then they are available as mentioned previously in glazed doors and flush or panelled, none of these doors have been chosen as a company preference, they are the doors that customers prefer................ having said that they may not suit you the reader.

As an aside and in orer to keep you abreast of what to expect, some of the most popular doors may not have what we term "Metric Door Sizes"............. the reason for this is that the UK door market consists of numerous differently sized doors and what we deem as a genuine metric size door is one that is not as readily available but may be available in other doors listed throughout the site.

Metric sizes are those that are always 2040mm high and vary in width as follows, 526mm, 626mm, 726mm, 826mm and 926mm, they are always 40mm thickm except when they are a fire door, all fire doors are a minimum of 45mm thick but can be much thicker for the 60 minute fire rated versions.

A with all things, personal style and preferences are what counts, if a door suits your home or lifestyle then it is the correct door to purchase, older homes may be suited to the "Rustic Oak Doors" while modern homes may suit the new range of "Painted Doors" which have varying degrees of grey stained finishes.

The new section may well develop over time to reflect changing styles, what's in, what's new or what's different, nothing stays the same in fashion and doors are a home fashion choice that are always evolving.