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Best Halloween Door Decorations

Once again, it is time to get ready for Halloween. Get your costume and your decorations in order but never forget that most visitors will only see your doors.

Below you can find simple, but fun ways to decorate your front doors and achieve the "wow" factor from any of your guests or passers-by.


The easiest and the most popular is to decorate the door with a wreath. This can be made at home using  autumn leaves and garlic or can be purchased and hung on the door. Add in a plastic gun and ladle out the artificial blood to enhance the atmosphere of the mystery, or spice it up with any kind of spiders, bats purchased, or hand made by you or your family.


And then…Spiders Why would you stop at a wreath if you can have them all over doors and windows! It is easy to make your own creatures using wire and black crepe paper. They can also be found in any pound or craft store. You may add cobwebs around for a more authentic feel. Remember to stick as many spiders as you can around the door handle to evoke the panic effect….


The Mummy doors is so easy and very effective. All you need are rolls of white crepe paper and streamers, which are available from most craft stores. Wrap paper around doors and then stick on two eyes... To do so you will need black and white paper. Affix with glue or tuck the eyes into the streamers for a secure fit.


Get you kids involved and remember, it doesn’t matter what you create as long as you have fun.

Happy Halloween  


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