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Alcaraz Chocolate Grey Style Door

Our Alcaraz style door in a chocolate grey colour has a particleboard solid core and is quite possibly one of the nicest prefinished doors that we supply.

                           Image of Chocolate Grey Alcaraz Door, Prefinished

All Alcaraz doors have finished chocolate grey coloured veneer faces with 22mm edge lippings to allow for a fairly substantial adjustment when fitting, there is an aluminium style inlay to give a contrast, it all adds up to great quality and a truly lovely door.

                          Image of Chocolate Grey Alcaraz Door, Prefinished

                                     Up close and beautiful.

These doors may look similar to other doors on our site but this door features a custom made italian veneer where the colour runs through the veneer, not just a sprayed effect on the surface as with most other pre-finished doors.

Also available with glass or as a fire door, a super range of doors.

Free delivery as is the norm.

Construction Veneer on MDF or similar particleboard core with 22mm lipped edges.
Thickness 35mm as shown below.
Guarantee 12 months
Normal Availability for our Free Delivery Service 4-7 Working days anywhere within mainland Uk, Islands by arrangement.