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A friend in need of skirtings......

We all know the saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed", if only that was always true.

I decided to help a friend fit skirtings to his home, he asked me to do the work but then decided he thought he knew how to fit it better or should I say quicker, it put a bit of a strain on the friendship but a quick and timely correction to remind him who was actually in charge and who owned the tools soon got things back on track.


It is fairly straight forward and easy to fit skirtings, the most awkward part of the fitting is doing the external "mitres" where the skirting meets at a corner and the mitre must be exact, the internal mitres are easier as they don't actually have to be mitres, just offer up the skirting to the previously fitted skirting, cut and shape this next piece of skirting to suit the shape of the first piece, it is easier and quicker....and it looks as good.

I have watched or seen some really badly fitted skirting with external corners being butted together with the timber end grain showing, that is hideous and a waste of time, money and effort.

The fixing of the skirting to the wall depends on whether the house is of an age that there are what is known as "skirting grounds", these "skirting grounds" are thin batons of timber that are fixed to the wall before the house walls were plastered, if the house is of a more modern construction it is likely that the skirting will either be screwed directly to a brick wall or to a timber frame "stud" partition, nailing the skirting in the 1st situation or using screws in the 2nd option are the preferred ways, having said that there is the lazy way.....glue them to the wall with any number of available adhesives, NOT how I like to see it done!

I can only hope this little blog helps you do the work with a little less fear......if not get a joiner and keep your stress levels down. More diy tips are available at


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