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5 lever locks, what are they?

What is a 5 lever lock?

5 lever sash locks and 5 lever dead locks, know the difference!

There are three main questions here so it's probably best to answer the question of the difference between a dead lock and a sash or upright lock, then what is a 5 lever lock and lastly, the question of insurance.


1, A sash lock is a lock that has a latch and a lock, the latch is operated by handles and thereby allows you to close the door on the latch without locking it, see image directly below.   


                                                      5 Lever Sash Lock

2, The Dead lock is a lock that does nothing (dead) until you turn the key to throw the lock bolt, see image directly below.


                                                   5 Lever Dead Lock

3, A 5 lever lock as you can see is more than just the type, it is more to do with how the lock is constructed, the 5 levers are contained within it and dictate the type of security key required, how often the key pattern is repeated and how the lock is constructed, in short it is a higher spec of lock.

4, Insurance, all external Sash or Dead locks must be 5 lever and to BS 3621 for insurance purposes within the UK.

Insurance rated lock types (for both dead and sash) are sold in two varying depths 65mm and 75mm and in a brass or chrome style of face plate, they generally have a "box" type keeper for the lock to sit securely within when the door is closed, the face of each individual lock type is the same as any other lock of the same type by any manufacturer.

The 3 lever type locks look very similar to 5 lever locks but are generally lighter and do not have a box type keeper, they do not therefore comply for insurance purposes.

Be safe, be secure, to see other lock types and prices take a look here.


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