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10 Interior Door Colours That Will Transform Your Home

Here at we understand that nowadays there are almost endless options when it comes to colour choice for interior design. Just take a moment to look through a colour catalogue and you will be sure to find some surprising colours you might not have even known existed, or even some colours that you didn't realise had names... anyone brave enough to try a splash of Smaragdine in their living room?

Colour is incredibly powerful and can have a major effect on the mood and atmosphere of a room. It is also capable of evoking a vast range of emotions and feelings amongst its inhabitants. Some believe that if planned and applied correctly, a colour scheme can even improve your mental well-being! At the end of the day though, colour is a very personal thing - a scheme that makes you feel cosy and comfortable might have quite the opposite effect on a visitor. Ultimately this comes down to colour psychology and is an entire topic in itself, perhaps best left for another article.

In the meantime, let's take a look at some of our own favourite internal door colours and see how they can inspire a new colour scheme, or fit in perfectly with an existing one. Regardless of what stage you are at in your home's interior design, your internal door colours should not be an overlooked part of the process. Read on to see how this selection of fantastic contemporary door styles can benefit your latest home design project and enhance your home's atmosphere...

popular-interior-door-colours     popular-interior-door-colours

Pictured above: Andria Oak Glazed in Dark Oak and Vancouver Prefinished in Ash Grey

Dark coloured doors such as the dark oak and ash grey pictured above can have bit of a split personality when it comes to application. Installing a dark door in a light room can really make your entrance pop with high contrast. Alternatively, a dark door in an equally dark coloured room can produce a  harmonised and atmospheric environment.

The important thing to note with either approach is colour temperature - whether your door's hue is warm (for instance, orange/red/yellow) or cold (blue/purple/green) can have a dramatic effect on it's surroundings. Try and match the temperature of your door with that of the room's wall colour for added harmony.


Pictured above: Palermo Oak Glazed in Duck Egg Blue and Mocha Soft Walnut Prefinished

Duck egg blue is a colour that can create beautiful and relaxing living spaces within your home. Implementing this colour as an accent alongside neutral walls and floors is perhaps the most effective way of making features and accessories pop out from their surroundings and is a fresh colour palette for internal use. If you are looking for an effective colour scheme to present a contemporary retro theme this is an ideal solution.

For more natural-themed environments you can't really go wrong with soft walnut. As the name would suggest, the softness of the walnut colour makes it incredibly versatile, able to fit in well with dark and light wood surroundings alike. Of course it isn't just limited to wood themes; place a soft walnut door within a room that features similarly warm colours such as orange and you will find an equally pleasing result, a room that is warming, inviting and welcoming to guests.

popular-interior-door-colours     popular-interior-door-colours

Pictured above: Laminates Alabam Fumo Smoky Grey and Palermo 1L Glazed Black Prefinished

If your interior design style is quite sophisticated and elegant, a black or grey door is a perfect addition to your home. Adding a black door to a room that already features black elsewhere will result in a more unified and classy look. On the other hand, introducing a black door to a white room will produce a high contrast and refined focal point.

With neutral colours (or more specifically, non-colours) like black and grey, there is no fear of them dominating one another and can therefore be mixed and matched as you desire. This makes designing an interior around a neutral colour scheme quite a simple process, and proves the versatility of grey and black doors. Throw a bold accent colour like duck egg blue into the mix and you can find yourself with a very powerful colour scheme that is guaranteed to impress visitors and guests alike.

popular-interior-door-colours     popular-interior-door-colours

Pictured above: DX Oak Panel Prefinished in Pale Oak and Shaker Oak 4 Pane Glazed in Anthracite Grey

If you are looking for a colour that will fit well within a light and warm colour scheme, look no further than pale oak. In this instance you will find a door colour that does not overwhelm it's surroundings, rather it can be integrated well within the existing scheme and bring it's own character to a room. The natural beauty of a pale oak door is hard to beat, it's neutrality makes it very adaptable and you will find that it is an ideal solution for colour schemes that feature a range of warm neutral colours throughout.

Alternatively, take a look at our image of our Glazed Anthracite Grey Shaker door above to see the contrast between both settings. A more refined and professional-looking environment with it's neutral colour scheme, anthracite grey is a powerful colour that can work incredibly well when used as an accent, or to make a bold statement. In this example, our anthracite grey door is used to draw attention to the doorway, framed by black architraves and white walls. This creates a powerful scene that exudes sophistication and is a perfect example of how to use carefully placed colour to maximum effect.

popular-interior-door-colours     popular-interior-door-colours

Pictured above: Treviso Oak Flush in Mushroom and Latina Oak Glazed in Ivory

In this article we have already spoken about the benefits of neutral colours and the last two images above do a fine job of showing contrasting settings that can present neutral door colours in different ways. In both images you can see how a range of neutral colours within one room can assist each other, with light and midtones existing in harmony and not overpowering one another. Throw a bold and colourful accent colour (such as duck egg blue as seen in the second image) into the mix and you will find a very pleasing contemporary colour scheme.

To summarise, there is a vast range of internal door colour options available within that are ideal for all manner of room settings. Don't forget that colour can be quite subjective and what might work for one person may not necessarily work for another. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference, but some careful planning and consideration - and colour testing - can help set you on your way to a beautiful home interior that will impress and captivate your guests and visitors, and provide you with a home that you can be extremely proud of.

For further information on anything you have seen within this article, please visit any of the above products and links to learn more. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us via (or call us on 01968 671 681) and we will be happy to help.

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