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10 Great Folding Doors

If you are looking for flexibility within your home's layout and arrangement, folding doors are a fantastic way to achieve that. They offer the possibility of seperating living spaces while still having the option to open up the interior to create larger, open areas. They are ideal for occasions when you might want more space to entertain and create an open, welcoming atmosphere for guests.

popular-folding-doors     popular-folding-doors

Pictured above: Bespoke Thrufold Latina Oak Flush 3+1 and Thrufold Apollo Flush Chocolate Grey 3+0

Our Thrufold Folding Door system makes it very easy to transform a living space from one room into two (and vice-versa) in seconds. Able to support up to six doors in a variety of configurations, this hardware system can support door weights of up to 50kg per leaf. Utilising pivot bearings to secure the end doors, alignment of all other doors is maintained by unobtrusive hangers, resulting in a solid and reliable construction.

popular-folding-doors     popular-folding-doors

Pictured above: Thrufold Vancouver Light Grey 3+0 and Aluvu White Aluminium 4 Door Exterior

By utilising a top hung system, Thrufold Folding Doors eliminate the need for any floor level tracking, preventing tripping hazards.  Easily installed and reliable, this low-maintenance system produces a smooth opening motion that is as suitable for office installations as it is in the home.

We have a fantastic selection of door styles available, with options to suit every home. Our range includes oak, walnut, painted and white doors, with glazed versions of many of our most popular door styles readily available. In this article we have presented ten of our most popular and favourite door styles, a broad selection that really shows off the potential of Thrufold Folding Doors.

popular-folding-doors     popular-folding-doors

Pictured above: Bespoke Thrufold Cesena White Glazed 3+3 and Aluvu White Aluminium 2 Door Exterior

Within this range we have a wide variety of contemporary styles to choose from; the Latina Oak Flush Panel door for example, is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere within a modern apartment or home setting. With its horizontal and vertical grain panels, this is a stylish, beautiful door.

The Cesena White Glazed door is a great solution for instances where you might require the spread of natural light throughout the home. Featuring a single large glass pane for maximum illumination, this is an elegant door that is as comfortable in a modern apartment as it is within a traditional, classically styled home.

popular-folding-doors     popular-folding-doors

Pictured above: Thrufold Contemporary 4P White Primed 2+2 and Thrufold Palermo Flush White Primed 2+0 

We have an extensive selection of Bespoke options for many of our featured doors in the Thrufold range, perfect for those homes with unusual door dimensions outwith standard UK door sizes. At we fully understand that many of of today's modern homes and historic renovations often require unusually sized doors, but we don't let that prevent us from bringing you a complete and thorough range of made-to-measure door styles, designs and finishes to choose from.

It's not only internal doors that we provide, we also have a comprehensive selection of external folding doors that are perfect for opening up your home's exterior. An external folding door setup can add style to any home and our doors are all supplied at fantastic prices that are hard to beat.

popular-folding-doors     popular-folding-doors

Pictured above: Thrufold Thames Half Light Oak 2+0 Etched Glass and Thrufold Cadiz Oak 2+1 Glazed

For further information on specifications and dimensions, please visit any of the above products to learn more. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us via and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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