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10 Fantastic Sliding Door Ideas

If you have ever considered incorporating sliding doors into your home but don't quite know where to start, this column is for you. The intention of this article is to provide you with all the inspiration you need to get started on purchasing the perfect sliding door system for your home. has a fantastic, diverse selection of sliding door configurations and setups that are ideal for a variety of purposes and settings. Regardless of your home's interior style, you can guarantee that we have the perfect sliding door system for you, all at great prices. To learn more about the different styles of sliding door systems we offer, please read on...

sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration     sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration

Pictured above: Chocolate Grey Alcaraz, Syntesis Double Pocket Door and Bury American Oak Glazed, Unilateral Pocket Door

We'll begin with one of our most stylish sliding door systems: the Syntesis Line Pocket Doors (above left). Syntesis incorporates a steel cassette system that is concealed within a preformed wall aperture, into which the door can slide effortlessly. The beauty of the Syntesis system lies in its construction: all tracks and cassette are completely concealed by the plasterwork. With the Syntesis system there is no need for architraves (facings) or ingoes (returns) around the doorway, which allows for plasterwork to finish neatly within the framework of the concealed door cassette. The result is a beautifully clean and modern aesthetic with minimum distractions. Syntesis systems are available in single and double configurations.

Our Unilateral Pocket Sliding Door systems (above right) are based on a similar idea, this time with two doors fitting into the same central wall cassette and travelling outward in opposite directions independently of each other. Two doors for two seperate rooms that go into one central cassette... this system is a perfect example of modern and intelligent space efficiency within the home.

sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration     sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration

Pictured above: Vetroglide Classic Satin Glass Sliding Door and Contemporary Oak Glazed, Twin Telescopic Pocket Door

Vetroglide Glass Sliding Doors (above left) are a beautiful example of surface fixed sliding doors, with exposed stainless steel tracks, hangers and finger-pull handles providing a stunning and modern feel. Featuring 8mm thick easy clean satin safety glass, this door is available with either the Classic or Tech style stainless steel hangers, track and fittings to choose from.

Another great example of the concealed wall-cassette sliding door system is the Twin Telescopic Pocket Door (above right). This brilliant, space-saving setup allows for two doors to slide effortlessly into (and out of) a single cassette simultaneously thanks to its exclusive synchronisation system (an animated graphic showing the telescopic opening motion can be seen here).

sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration     sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration

Pictured above: Single Pocket Cadiz American Oak Door and Sandblasted Design on Satin Glass Pocket Door

Our classic Single Pocket Sliding Doors (above left) feature a broad range of door styles to choose from; oak, walnut, white primed, flush, panelled, glazed, glass, modern, traditional... you name it, we have it. This is an extensive range that incorporates a broad selection of our most popular door styles - regardless of interior design style, you can be sure to find the perfect door for your home within this collection.

If you are thinking of incorporating a Glass Pocket Door (above right) into your home we have a diverse collection of stylish glass doors for you to choose from. Glass doors are a fantastic way to encourage the spread of natural light throughout the home - a great solution for rooms that suffer from lack of light and are constantly dim without artificial light. As well as plain glass we also supply a selection of doors with stylish  designs and motifs, perfect for expressing your individuality throughout your home's design.

sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration     sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration

Pictured above: Thruslide Traditional Palermo White Sliding Door and Thruslide Wardrobe Pattern 10 Oak and Frame Kit

Thruslide Traditional Sliding Doors (above left) are a relatively new arrival to and have been a popular addition from the word go. Featuring an exposed track and sliding door system, this setup has a number of customisable options. The door hanger is available in 3 types: Straight, Arrowhead and Wagon Wheel designs. There are also 3 finishes available to the track and components: Black, Stainless Steel and Rust.

Another recent addition to our sliding door collection is Thruslide Sliding Wardrobe Doors. This is an innovative approach to wardrobes that is ideal for closing off bedroom wardrobes and living area storage spaces alike. Utilising a dual top-track that allows doors to bypass each other, this range incorporates most of our door selection, making it possible to easily match wardrobe doors with the rest of your home's passageways.

sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration     sliding-doors-ideas-inspiration

Pictured above: Twin Telescopic Pocket Ravenna Oak Glazed and Thruslide Surface Vina Walnut Door and Track Kit

Above left is another lifestyle example of the Twin Telescopic Pocket sliding door system, this time utilising a large-pane door style with clear glass to allow for maximum light transmission around the home. This is a fantastic alternative to conventional room dividers.

Thruslide Surface Sliding Doors (above right) incorporate a wall-mounted sliding track system with a top-hung door passing over the face of the wall. Concealed by a pelmet and pelmet facia, the result is a beautifully styled sliding door assembly with a great range of door styles to choose from, and is suitable for all manner of interior design themes. 

Hopefully this article has provided you with plenty of inspiration and ideas for your own future interior design projects. This has been a brief introduction to the range of sliding door systems we supply, but there is a great deal more information on all of these products available on our website.

For further information on specifications and dimensions, please visit any of the above products to learn more. If you have any questions, you can email us via (or call us on 01968 671 681and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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