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Primed Hollow Doors and Semi Solid Doors for painting

The most commonly used primed hollow doors are the white primed range of interior doors, the equivalent semi-solid doors are a heavier duty type of door, all these interior doors are stunning value for money.

Primed hollow doors and semi-solid doors remain good value for money and can provide various improvements to the quality of life of all occupiers.

Semi-solid doors provide better soundproofing and an obvious lift to the look of any home, some thought should be given to the soundproofing qualities of primed hollow doors compared to the semi-solid doors when the time comes to improve your home, the semi-solid doors will give better soundproofing than the primed hollow doors.

Our recently added ranges of semi-solid doors include very traditional four panel primed semi solid doors styles and many other new styles of door pairs, they are not available in all sizes but are proving extremely popular.

Our range of primed hollow doors cover most sizes including those awkward to find sizes for all homes built by the national house builders in the Uk, we are currently adding a fantastic range of

interior doors that are bi-folding doors for those areas of your home where space is at a premium.

Most primed hollow doors can be made as sliding for areas where space is at a premium and can be adjusted within reason; this is however a job for the professional as all primed hollow doors have the minimum amount of frame within their construction.

The clear pine interior doors are very useful in that they are reasonably priced and offer good soundproofing, they are available as glass doors or paneled doors.

The range of semi-solid doors for fire doors is always increasing; the pre-finished veneered doors range are now available in most veneers including Oak, Ash, cherry etc. most if not all of the primed hollow doors are available as semi-solid doors.

New regulations are in place for Interior semi-solid doors for fire door situations to protect those who have to rent properties, this has lead to an increase in the amount of semi-solid doors which we sell on line as fire rated, the need to protect your occupants is becoming more onerous, advice is available for all semi-solid doors for fire protection and we currently have the facility to offer all aspects of fire protection that semi-solid doors may require including Intumescent fire seals.

In brief, if you need primed hollow doors or semi-solid doors or indeed door frames, just ask!

Whatever size of primed hollow doors you require including PVC interior doors, we will be able to help, we can in most instances adjust them to size and reconstruct frame within the doors.

This is just some of the many styles available within our expansive internal and external door categories.