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Sliding Door

We can supply you with the very best External sliding door or Internal sliding door and bi fold doors up to 6 doors wide at low prices in a range of flush, panelled or glazed internal sliding door styles and then there are our external sliding door versions, all our sliding door types have safety glass as standard and qualify for UK wide delivery............ all inclusive of vat!

Please be aware that we may use narrower doors for some sizes of the sliding door products whether panelled or glazed, they may have narrower panels or glass than the image shown, this is because the timber sections that make up the doors construction remain the same size across the full range of door sizes.

Bi Fold or any sliding door can open towards or away from you, you set the hinges accordingly during installation to suit your own requirements, flexibility is key with this range, the use of up to as many as 6 folding doors for those larger openings is almost unique in the Uk, the variables include different veneers, glass types and panel types.

There is a huge range of white sliding door versions or oak sliding door versions with panels and / or glass, with so many of our individual products having both Oak and White primed door options available within those products we know that it will take you time to browse.

In the setting up of these categories we have tried to break the range down to manageable browsing chunks to make the slecetion easier and allow you to quickly source just what you require at truly affordable prices.

All our bi folding doors are veneered on solid cores to provide the best finish and a solid door that will last as long as you, all our glass is toughened safety glass and will provide safety for children and adults alike. 

We have the expertise to help guide you through what could be deemed a minefield of information or we can provide the help you may need to decide whether to adjust existing door styles or consider a bespoke manufacture of a door style from our range to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on any internal bifold doors and what alterations would best suit you.

A fantastic range of folding doors, most of which can be adjusted, please read each doors individual instructions.

Where we state that these folding doors are supplied in "Kit Form" we can assure you that the glass or panels are always fitted and that they are hinged together to form a Bi fold doors pair, just to reiterate, the glass is always toughened safety glass without exception.

If this range isn't what you require try taking a peek at our Nuvu Folding Doors range.

Help tips on choosing Double doors or sliding doors.

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Please read the content in the "Product details" PDF above before placing any orders.

Not all doors have a Paint N Peel facility for ease of decoration where required, call 01968 671681 for any clarification or assistance.