External Wooden Door and Frame Sets

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Just a selection of possible external wooden door and frame sets in two seperate categories of door and frame sets and offering lots of different door frame sizes.

Option 1; External Door and Frame Sets, 4 - 7 working days for delivery.

This option has the double door and frame set or the single door and frame set and any side screens with the main frame as a flat pack kit and the door / side screens preglazed DEPENDING ON DOOR AND FRAME CHOSEN, no fittings are supplied with these options and no clearances allowed for the door or weather bars etc, double doors also have the option of having a "pairmaker T piece" added where the doors meet in the middle but remember it will add 15mm to the width of any overall door frame sizes shown.  

Just ask us at info@directdoors.com if you need a taller frame, we can help.


Option 2, Prefinished Prehung External Wooden Door & Frame Sets with 5 Point Vectis Locking Systems and ....... 4 - 7 Working Days for FREE Delivery to the UK Mainland

Take the hassle out of installing an prehung external door set with one of our pre-finished & prehung timber door sets, all door sets are FSC Certified and meet Part L of the Building Regulations.

These particular doorsets include......

  • Fully finished prehung door and frame sets in a medium oak stain
  • Open Out or In & Hinge Left or Right
  • 5 Way Multi Point Vectis locking system for added security in a choice of Chrome Plated or Brass Plated
  • Stormguard Trimline Low Thershold with weather bar deflector
  • Security Hinges 

Option 3; External Door & Frame Sets with Locking stystems, 14 - 17 working days for delivery, a bespoke system to suit any home whether it be a front door set or a back door set.

This offers the prehung door and frames which are made to size and are therefore more flexible in terms of each and every dimension or overall door frame sizes that may be required for your project, a few details are set out below.

  • The frame sill is variable up to 145mm broad and up to 45mm thick but our Bry Dry weather bar will be on top of this thickness.
  • The frame we manufacture is a minimum of 80mm and a maximum of 95mm broad from inside of house to the outside, other sizes can be made but will add to the costs.

This door and frame sets section or the external prehung door & frame sets section is dedicated to the experienced Diy expert, professional builder or architect who may require little or no help with these products for new build or renovation projects, please be aware of any issues with regards to new build regulations or planning regulations.

Many more wooden doors are available such as those within our oak door and mahogany door sections.

DIY tips for Renewing a door frame

Watch our   "How we fit a multipoint lock system"

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