Oak doors

Oak doors with superior construction, top quality veneers, and a huge range of styles and sizes to suit most homes with free UK wide delivery. 


Internal Oak DoorsExternal Oak Doors


When considering internal oak doors it is best to look for doors that will suit the location, the vast range we are able to offer is unsurpassed and we're sure you will find something to match your requirements, expectations and price.

Internal Oak Panel Doors    Internal Oak Doors With Glass

     Internal Oak Panel Doors               Internal Oak Doors with Glass


Internal oak panel doors or internal oak doors with glass are constructed with dowel joints where the horizontal rails meet the vertical rails, the doors can be cut in height but care must be taken to stay within reasonable tolerances so that the integrity of the doors construction is maintained, the width of each door can be adjusted equally within the thickness of the doors oak lipping material.

Our internal oak doors in lots of instances have at least 3 sizes but in most instances we are able to offer a choice of 8 different sizes and two thicknesses including the unusual metric sizes. 

All oak veneers are normally colour matched to each door, it is however impossible to guarantee a veneer grain match between different doors, this to be honest is why oak doors are used, the variation of grain simply adds to the beauty of the finished project.

Internal Oak Flush Doors    Oak Doors in Unusual Metric Sizes

     Internal Flush Oak Doors              Internal Metric Sized Oak Doors


Our options for flush oak doors and metric sized oak doors is varied, lots of styles and options to suit almost all types of home and location.

Decoration of (internal) oak doors is varied, we have decorated doors with wax, varnish and Danish oil, the main constraint is in not using wax on a bathroom door or any other room where moisture could penetrate the door, doors in these areas should be varnished or have a similar sealed finish including the top and bottom edges.

Panel Fire Doors    Internal Fire Doors

           Panelled Fire Doors                         Glazed Fire Doors


Oak fire doors are available in a massive range of styles, most of the fire doors are (FD30) 1/2 hour fire rated and there are also numerous prefinished doors to choose from, fire doors must have 3 similarly rated hinges, heavier doors may require 4 hinges.

The external doors are constructed in much the same way as the internal doors except that they are mostly constructed with Mortice & Tenon joints, a very traditional construction method, decoration of external oak doors has to be very thorough and must include all 4 edges of the door being treated to prevent moisture penetration, the use of a canopy or similar construction is recommended.

External Folding Doors    Nuvu External French Doors

   External Oak Folding Doors            External Oak French Doors


We have now massively increased our range of exterior Oak Folding Doors and also our range of NuVu Exterior Oak French Doors, lots more to be added including doors with multi pane effects and matching side frames.

All glass is to British safety standards regardless of whether the oak doors are single glazed double glazed or triple glazed.

The choice of fixing screws is important, anything too soft will break, we suggest using the old trade trick of putting some soap on the screws to make them easier to fix, our other suggestion when fitting internal doors is to use 3 hinges for the heavier oak doors and possibly 4 hinges for the external doors.

Oak NuVu Folding Doors    Oak Shaker Full Pane Room Divider Doors

    Interior Oak Folding Doors                  Oak Room Dividers


There are numerous additions to our Interior Oak Folding Doors and our Oak Room Dividers, various styles and a wide range of sizes and glass types, all well priced and supplied with the frames to match. 

Please remember that Oak is a very solid hardwood and needs care when fixing, pre-drilling some fixing holes will help prevent frustration such as screws snapping or nails bending.

There are lots of diy tips to view and we are always here to help with your questions.

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