Exterior fire doors

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Our Exterior Fire Doors meet strict safety specifications for the wellbeing of you and your family.

We offer a small range of external fire doors alongside a far larger number of internal fire doors

If you require any doors other than these external fire doors please visit our site's external doors section.

Information and guidance on fitting Fire and Smoke seals to a fire door.

  1. External Fire Doors, FD30 Fire Rated
    Prices from£101.15Free delivery *
    10 size options View details
  2. External Fire Doors, FD60 Fire Rated
    Prices from£156.00Free delivery *
    1 size option View details

Best sellers

  1. Prices from£101.15Free delivery *
    10 Size options View details
  2. Prices from£156.00Free delivery *
    1 Size option View details

* Price shown based upon standard delivery to UK mainland. More info