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Our advice when fitting external doors is to consider the actual location, this sounds fairly obvious but have you considered how much weather the door will have to put up with on the elevation it will be fitted to, oak external doors for example should have a canopy fitted in order to provide extra protection.

We are reminded all too often by customers that their existing external doors have begun the show a slow but steady decline caused either by the door being exposed continually or a total lack of regular decoration, customers are in the main unable to confirm when their wooden door was last decorated fully.

Decoration of wooden doors is absolutely critical to prolonging the doors life span, when for instance was the last time you actually had the door decorated on the top and bottom edges, the answer is invariably never!

We also try and have customers slow down their installation dates, this is not to coincide with any delays that can occur on our part, it is entirely due to our knowledge and best advice that if the customer takes a bit more time and has the door decorated in full (on all faces and edges) the door will be trouble free.

We agree that fitting the door fully decorated may lead to extra work in as much as the door edges may need to be repainted when the carpenter has shaped the door to the opening but consider this, you may have paid several hundreds of pounds for a door and all the door furniture, why would you want to fit the door and leave it exposed to the elements.

In order to clarify the issue with decoration or more so with a lack of decoration please also consider this, how many times have you left home and although it is not actually raining there is a really damp feeling in the air, external timber doors will act like a sponge, they will draw moisture which means this can lead to the veneer being compromised and the delamination process beginning, the other issue is with increased moisture retention in external doors they actually swell and begin to stick on the frame, none of this is necessary.

My last few words on decoration of external doors is this, take your time, have the door decorated EQUALLY on all edges and all faces, the need for decorating equally INSIDE and OUT will ensure that any moisture is kept to a minimum and the movement of the moisture will be better controlled, please do not fail to decorate the interior of the door to the same degree as the external face.

Virtually all external doors are over veneered these days, please don't think that this means the door is inferior, construction methods for doors, laminating the veneers, the construction of the inner core and the edge fitting is extremely good these days, our made to measure doors are the only doors that are one piece component sections and are more expensive as they are made in the traditional manner with Mortice and Tenon joints and one at a time.

Some of our standard doors are Dowel jointed and some are Mortice and Tenon jointed, the difference is minimal but the cost is different with the dowel jointed doors being seen as slightly cheaper doors which is in the main due to speed of construction in mass build situations.

Our standard size external doors are available in Oak and Mahogany and our made to measure doors are also available in Pine, the pine is not your basic Redwood (pine) but is a Southern Yellow Pine which is as expensive as Mahogany.

Some customers are confused by the mahogany term, it is a hardwood but is not as hard as Oak, it is however likely to last as long and be as reliable as oak, in other words there is no need to pay for a more expensive oak door if you can actually see a mahogany door in a style that you like.

Whatever external door you decide on please make sure you fit a minimum of 3 good quality hinges, some oak doors could benefit from 4 hinges being fitted due to their size and weight, try and use a little bit of soap on ANY screws that you are fitting to the door, it makes the screws go in to the door a bit easier and prevents the screws from breaking, sometimes when fitting screws it is better to fit the screw so far in then remove it and refit it fully again.

We can offer lots of diy tips and advice on top of that listed above, we are always happy to do so but also take a look at some of the links below and you will enjoy your purchases for many years to come.


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With over 25 years of experience we are ideally placed to support you through the buying process and we can supply to homeowners requiring one door and architects or builders for large projects, if you require a large number of doors please contact us directly to see what we can do for you on as a package deal.

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