A stunning door to "lift" any home to a new level, these oak suffolk doors are just perfect when you want the "farmhouse" or "cottage" feel.

A selection of great doors at equally great prices with man made solid cores and real oak veneers - quality doors that don't cost the earth! (Product shown is Mexicano door)



Fantastic French Double Doors in Various Styles and Finishes.

Fantastic double doors in various styles and finishes.

We are delighted to offer these high quality french double doors using Suffolk internal doors as the basis for creating something different for your home, not just quality but low prices across the range.

Lots of these doors are paired for image purposes and as a such our quality images help guide you and also provide you with confidence to purchase with ease. (Product shown is Sufolk door pair)

Bespoke Door Pairs - Best Range and Inexpensive

Bespoke Door Pairs - Best Range and Inexpensive

It can be awkward to find perfect non standard door pairs? As specialists in a large range of interior bespoke doors we can also supply a range of stunning internal Suffolk doors in various styles with or without glass - all made to size.

Take a peek at our online store and discover all our standard Suffolk internal doors as well as our bespoke versions, well priced and built to last. (Product shown is Sufolk door pair)

Traditional Fire Doors for Traditional Homes

Traditional Fire Doors for Traditional Homes

Recent events have simply and tragically made the case for fire safety, our range of fire rated Suffolk oak internal doors, standard size or bespoke size fire doors will look anything but standard.

Fire safety is a massive issue for our customers, installing fire doors is an important requirement for landlords and business owners alike. A fire door isn't just about ticking a box on a memo pad; they are fundamentally important in protecting buildings and, of course, lives, to compromise is to risk not only your life but your neighbours too. (Product shown is Mexicano door)



Quality White Doors When Something Different is Required

Most of our internal white doors are ready for decoration but some doors are already fully white painted.

Simple Mexicano internal doors they may be,but they are simply the best online in terms of range and all are available at low fully inclusive prices - no getting to the check out and having to add delivery and vat. (Product shown is Mexicano door)

A Versatile Door Style - A Massive Choice of Sizes

The Mexicano internal doors are available in many guises and include fire and non fire options, the oak panelling is beautiful and totally robust combining a cottage style with modern day construction.

Top quality white oak veneers cover a solid engineered core to provide total stability.

Our range also encompasses glass versions to give your home the flexibility you need to create the perfect balance of light and privacy.
(Product shown is Mexicano door)

Dream and Imagine What is Possible For Your Home

Lovely Doors - Lovely Prices - Beautiful Homes

Lovely Doors - Lovely Prices - Beautiful Homes

The range is large, the choices aren't confusing, whether you choose the Suffolk doors or the Mexicano doors there is something for you and your home.

The doors are from two different suppliers and look very similar, the differences are not obvious but such things as the amount of lining panels, door size options and country of origin all play a part in separating these doors. (Product shown is Mexicano door)