The range of door sizes can be quite daunting when you are trying a bit of DIY or you simply want to choose the correct door for your home and get your local carpenter to install it, we can help!

The most popular sizes are 1981x762mm for rear doors and 1981x838mm for front doors - this is not a hard and fast rule as there are many other standard exterior door sizes available and will be discussed in some of the articles on this page. (Product shown is Newbury door)



External doors with style and versatility included as standard

External doors with style and versatility included as standard

The range of doors on the site are varied not just in style but in the range of sizes which we keep available, for standard external door sizes uk wide we have something to suit.

Our external door sizes begin from 1981x762mm (78x30 inches) and include 1981x838mm (78x33 inches), 2032x813mm (80x32 inches), 2085x865mm (82x34 inches) and 2135x915mm (84x36 inches) but if that's not enough we also preovide lots of options to have a bespoke door made to your exact requirements. (Product shown is Mosel door)

Made to order doors - Bespoke doors in every respect!

Made to order doors - Bespoke doors in every respect!

Struggling to find those perfect non standard doors? We specialise in a genuinely large range of interior bespoke doors and can also supply a range of 90 different style of exterior doors - all made to size.

Simply browse through our online store and discover those non standard internal doors that are very well priced, they do require a longer lead time but will be the exact size you order. Nothing ventured - Nothing gained! (Products shown are Catalonia doors)

Fire doors have never been more varied and more important.

Fire doors have never been more varied and more important.

There was a time when standard fire doors were hard to find in anything but a plain old boring plywood finish - not any more.

We not only supply every conceivable standard size fire door from stock on as little as a 48 hour lead time but also made to measure options on an 8-10 week lead time, we know you may be on a tight time line for work completion but we also realise that the finish is important and to that end we can help you achieve the result you and your home deserve. Great odd sized doors have never been more available. (Product shown is Augusta door)

Double Doors - Not Always Double The Money


Double Doors For That Touch Of Class In Your Home

The versatility of our door range is pretty much endless, our "pairmaker" range of standard double door sizes will show images for two standard size doors put together to form a pair and with the choice of adding the "pairmaker" rebate component or not.

Travel through the site and you will discover our smallest standard double door size which starts at just 915mm (36 inches) for the overall pair all the way through to 1524mm wide, these doors are all factory rebated, rebating is where the doors are allowed to overlap neatly wher they meet in the middle.
(Product shown is Eco Parelo door pair)


Bespoke Double Doors - Great Ideas Come In Small And Large Packages

A lot of development has gone in to creating the UK's largest range of bespoke door pairs to provide an amazing range of made to measure pairs that will offer choice, colours and sizes to suit almost all situations.

Just imagine......... any size, any style and no reason to spend endless hours on the internet, all door pairs are here in one location.(Product shown is Salerno door pair)

Doors You've Dreamt Of But Had Nightmares Finding


Don't You Just Love These Doors - We Do!

Don't You Just Love These Doors - We Do!

A beautiful range of doors featuring the most popular standard exterior door size and all of which include full UK wide delivery and vat - nothing hidden.

We provide all our doors in the hope that we have covered not only the most standard front door width but the standard door height uk homes require, some unusual sizes - most definitely - awkward sizes too - just ask! (Product shown is Modena door)