Solid Doors - What is a Solid Front Door?

A bit of a thorny issue, solid doors or solid timber doors, there is a difference in the terminology.

Lots of doors are solid but are made of a laminated core, nothing wrong with this and a strong argument for the stability of such a door.

Solid wooden doors are more likely to be just that, solid individual sections cut from a tree and machined before being put together as a truly solid door. (Product shown is the Bird door)


Brilliant Doors with Quality Built in


The Focal Point and Nothing Less

The Focal Point and Nothing Less

A truly bold statement can be made if you intend using any of our solid oak front doors, we make a large range of made to measure doors in virtually any practical size to suit your home.

In our experience the only compromise may be on cost as bespoke oak doors are never going to be the cheapest which may require you to alter the style to save the finances. (Product shown is GRP Malton door)

Traditional Doors With Affordable Quality

Traditional Doors With Affordable Quality

Stunning solid wooden doors will almost always cost more but the cost is relative.

Trying to choose the correct style of door is always a stressful thing to do especially if it is a main door, styles come and go, we know it's a cliche but quality will endure and to that end it is always better to spend a little more now and get the benefit over the long term. (Product shown is Blackwell door)

Pine Doors For a Natural Clean Look

Pine Doors For a Natural Clean Look offer traditional interior pine veneered doors and solid pine bespoke external doors.

The range is actually quite small as oak is the preferred option at the moment but we continue to manufacture a made to measure range of solid pine doors from the very smallest to the largest possible. The one thing to note is that pine is a softwood and must be treated with care and regularly to avoid causing instability. (Product shown is Victorian door)


Great Doors with Stunning Styles


Interior Doors or Exterior Doors, Not Only Do We Do It But We Do It Better!

There are hundreds of doors to choose from but most if not all interior doors are veneered on a solid core rather than actual solid wood interior doors, this offers a very stable construction and has done for a great number of years.

There is a similar approach taken with exterior doors but the door cores are generally a laminated solid core which in effect can be more stable than a single section of wood, regardless of which construction method has been employed you must make sure the decoration is to a very high standard to avoid water ingress and warping.
(Products shown are Malton and Victorian doors)


Mahogany, Hardwood or Oak Stable Doors

Tradition allied to modern day construction techniques ensure that our range of solid oak stable doors or our more economically priced range of standard size stable doors will enhance your home.

There are lots of styles from the very simple single pane top half door through to 6 and 9 pane versions with double glazing included, expect not only choice and style at varying price points but good quality and great sizes to choose from. (Product shown is Cottage Stable door)


Oak Doors with Solid Construction as Standard


Contemporary or Traditional Doors

Contemporary or Traditional Doors

We do doors - inside and out - we can guide you and help in the selection of the perfect doors to suit your style and budget. Our range of solid oak shaker doors is second to none from simple panels with unobtrusive beading to glazed doors with clear or frosted glass you can be sure of something to like.

Great entrances usually have great solid wood external doors, why should your home be any different. The choice of having a solid oak external door or the rear of the house having solid oak stable doors is available at a reasonable cost and all our prices include vat and uk wide delivery with nothing hidden. (Product shown is Symmetry Axis door pair)