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Eclisse Unilateral Pocket Doors, an impressive range for your home or office, if you require further info in the meantime just ask and we will provide a quote or advice.

A very simple but simply brilliant idea, the unilateral frame allows two doors to travel from different directions that then fit in to the same "central" wall (cassette) giving the widest opening and maximum light in the narrowest wall space, two doors for two seperate rooms that go in to one central cassette ????.... amazing space efficiency at its very best, this unilateral cassette system is manufactured to suit (150mm cassette thickness) a finished wall thickness of 175mm inclusive of the 12.5mm plasterboard finish.

Delivery is 5 -6 weeks from order, these items are bespoke and as such cannot be cancelled after ordering.

Cassettes are kerbside delivery only and not in to the home..... doors are delivered seperately, delivery of the telescopic pocket cassette is 5 -6 weeks for this bespoke item, doors are between 48 hours and 1 week depending on supplier doors chosen by you.


Compared to conventional, hinged doors, sliding unilateral pocket doors offer advantages in every living space. It is estimated that in an average home, more than 8% extra space can be released by the use of sliding doors; that’s 8 sq.mt. extra space in a 100 sq.mt. apartment!

Eclisse have developed an elegant, practical alternative – a framework that forms part of the wall and allows your doors to slide effortlessly inside the walls giving you more space.

The Eclisse self-closing mechanism is an ingenious system which is completely enclosed inside the frame and allows the door to close by itself, automatically with no input from you whatsoever.

This system can even be installed retrospectively thanks to the Eclisse patented removable track system

  • Suitable for single wooden doors only
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Completely invisible from the outside
  • Requires only 1 cm. width Eclisse

Sliding pocket unilateral doors take up no living space so whether you are designing a new-build or refurbishment this is a modern, intelligent use of space using the very latest development in door closures. Eclisse only manufactures the frame so you can use any conventional door of your choice. Eclisse unilateral concealed doors give you total freedom for furniture positioning, why wouldn't you choose us? 

For over 2 decades, Eclisse has been leader in the production of sliding door systems. We believe in the superior quality of our products. Our goal is to develop and produce sliding door systems that are sturdy, easy to install and which can be inspected. It is our goal to revolutionize the concept of the door, eclipsing any other type, recovering space that would otherwise be lost with the conventional swing door.

We intend to answer the demand for functionality and space, continually innovating our sliding door systems through functional solutions and design.

A brief History:

Everything started in the late 1980s when a metal joinery shop established in the 1960s gradually began to specialize in the production of metal sliding systems for doors and windows. The decision to diversify from the original De Faveri S.r.l. production gave rise to the idea of systems for concealed sliding doors, a new product to be developed in series.

Officially, the Eclisse story starts on January 10, 1989, the date on which Luigi De Faveri founded Eclisse.

The enterprise, an ambitious project which was not free of risks, required major investments to set up cutting-edge industrial plants and compete on a highly selective market. 

In the 1990s, Eclisse grew through hard work and a steadfast commitment to research and innovation as well as through the team spirit of those deeply involved in this project. 

Expansion of the models and the range of processes plus the ability to innovate products and process gradually brought encouraging market development, both in Italy and abroad. 

Today Eclisse is a renowned brand, benchmark for the industry, leader in the field with 10 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 30 representative offices and distributors worldwide.

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