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A truly beautiful collection of Italian glass doors in single and double door versions, all are bespoke.

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All glass is "frameless" so all you will see when you fit the cassette is glass and even then, slide the door effortlessly in to the concealed cassette and its gone except for the smallest amount possible to allow the handle to be available, stunningly simple... brilliantly conceived.

Beautifully crafted by Karis near Venice in Italy, these doors come in a wide range of designs and motifs, from simple opaque glass to create privacy and enhance light, to stunning designs by hand painted Italian artists, or you can even opt for your own customised design - the possibilities are endless. Play with light, shade and colour for an effect that expresses your individuality.

  • All our 8mm thick frameless glass doors are on a 1-2 day delivery schedule, yes... 1-2 days and all prices are FULLY inclusive of handles, system, vat and delivery, nothing is hidden except the plasterboard and architraves must be sourced locally. 
  • Our bespoke 10mm thick frameless glass doors will be on a 5-6 week delivery schedule as they are bespoke (made to order) from Italy, all Karis glass is Italian made and the Italian style and quality of product are what will set these Karis glass doors from Eclisse apart, everything is included except your choice of handles from our range as they cannot be retro fitted, the plasterboard and architraves must be sourced locally. 
  • Hidden Doors -  Concealed Doors - Secret Doors - Greater Choice - Better Prices

The exception to the above rule are those Karis glass sliding doors under the Vetroglide brand, these Vetroglide doors are not pocket doors but are mentioned here in case you want something different and quicker, the Vetroglide doors are on 1-2 day delivery, yes... once again 1-2 days and include everything in the price and we mean everything.

The off the shelf 8mm thick glass pocket doors incorporate an oblong glass handle while the 10mm thick glass doors will have a choice of several handles for you to choose from.

A helpful note:

All Sandblasted - Satin glass should be fitted with the design face to the outside of wet rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens, this type of glass becomes temporarily transparent when it is wet on the design side - fit the smooth side to these rooms, our system makes this clear in as much as the handle positions should be chosen carefully and this is explained in each product.

Images are enhanced to provide a superior impression than virtually any other door site can offer, this is so you the customer will be aware of the quality, design and style of the door(s) you are interested in but daylight or interior lighting will alter the finished look.

The cassette is supplied ready to assemble, all prices are inclusive, including delivery and vat, nothing is hidden.

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