Part L Doors for the home

Weird house in Salzburg.

This car shaped house in Salzburg was designed by architect Markus Voglreiter, he invested somewhere about a million euros for the building to be constructed in the shape of a Volkswagen Beetle and its efficient....

markus voglreiter auto residence

The home is also eco-friendly and is a fully functioning structure not only in modern architecture but also the revolution within the environmental friendly world that we live in. 

Green attributes include energy efficient heating and insulation, whether the doors are green is another issue.... but I bet they are, all homes could benefit from using exterior Part "L" compliant doors, take a look at our double glazed doors or indeed the exterior Tri-glazed doors which we each contain a range of Part L efficient doors, also see our new Part L Doors category that has doors, side frames and folding doors.

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