How to fit an Interior Pine Door - DIY Tip 7

How to fit an interior pine door.

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Vine DX door with Opaque Glass Please be very careful when trying to fit pine doors as accurate measuring and cutting is required when you fit a door, please read our full instructions on how to fit your interior door and to be honest if you are not the most experienced of DIY enthusiasts it is advisable to ask someone experienced to assist you.


Try and place the door on its edge when working, possibly make use of a "workmate" type device to hold the door securely.


Pine is a very tradional and beautiful type of timber but can split fairly easily when being worked, always use a "Stanley" type sharp knife to score above and below the hinge recesses that you intend to cut out and also at the edges of the door latch cut out, this will help prevent any splitting.


When drilling for the latch/lock it is advisable that you do not allow the drill "bit/cutter" to deviate from the left or right within the thickness of the door as it may be impossible to get the drill back in alignment and you could end up with the "bit" coming through the face of the door.


Always take your time! Any questions, email and ask "Chippy


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